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The London Borough of Barnet has been exploring the establishment of a new arrangement for the delivery of its Education and Skills services. On 8 December 2015, the council decided to establish a strategic partnership with Cambridge Education for the provision of these services.

Subject to the signing of the contract between the council and Cambridge Education, all services currently provided by the council’s Education and Skills service will be provided by Cambridge Education from 1 April 2016, apart from school meals, which will be provided by Cambridge Education’s catering sub-contractor, ISS. All the non-catering services will be delivered as outlined in the Traded Services booklet during 2016-17, which in turn is based on the current provision of these services.

In December 2015 an outline of the school meals catering service offer was sent separately to each school that currently subscribes to the service. For all catering enquiries please contact the Catering Services Manager, Teresa Goodall (teresa.goodall@barnet.gov.uk) or by telephone on 020 8359 5140.

 If you have any further queries please contact Alison Dawes (alison.dawes@barnet.gov.uk) who will be very happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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